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Texas Bluebird Society Annual Video and Movie Index


2017 Season Kickoff Videos

Bluebird Basics
Lonnie Castleman

Lonnie is involved in all things Bluebird and says his favorite so far has been acting as a tour guide at the Wills Point Bluebird Festival. Lonnie says, 'I can't begin to express my admiration and regards for the sacrifice and dedication of the Bluebird Pioneers who founded and have grown this wonderful organization, the Texas Bluebird Society.

Ohio native but Texan by choice, Keith is a life-long bird lover and bluebird enthusiast extraordinaire! Since 1979, Keith and his wife, Sandy, have fledged upwards of 1200 bluebirds a year from trails around Mt. Pleasant, and they have donated thousands of nesting boxes over the years to youth groups and landowners.

Bluebirds and More
Keith Kridler

Bluebird Photography
David Kinneer

David Kinneer was born in Pennsylvania and raised in Kentucky. He left home at 14, finished high school in Missouri, the first two years of college in Arkansas, and had hitch-hiked across the country four times and had been in 45 of the 50 States before he was 20.

Linda is an organic gardener with a specialty in composting and rainwater harvesting. She's been a Texas Master Gardener since 1996 and a Texas Master Naturalist since 2005

House Sparrows: No Easy Solution
Linda Crum

Birding 101
Alec Wyatt

Alec is a 18-year-old birder and naturalist from San Antonio. After the 2013 Black Forest Fire threatened his home and nest box trail, Alec developed a keen interest in wildfire ecology and land management. He plans to pursue an interdisciplinary path in college with the intent of fostering environmental progress.

A Naturalist's Reflections
Keith Kridler

Other 2017 Season Kickoff Movies

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