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NOTE: This event is over. The material on this page is for information only. Some links may not work.

2019 Bluebird Symposium

Photo by David Kinneer
Photo by David Kinneer
Saturday, August 3, 2019
Join us at the Midlothian Conference Center, in Midlothian, TX
for fun, education, and friendship!

General Public and Members Invited!

9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Doors open at 8:30 am for registration
and the Silent Auction FUNdraiser

Registration: $25.00

Friday Evening Social

Friday, August 2, Social 6:00 pm
Dinner at 6:30 pm

Don't miss the Friday Evening Social, Dinner, and Presentation
"Monarch Waystations" with Carol Clark

$18.00 Sign up when you register

For more information eventplans@txblues.org

2019 Bluebird Symposium and FUNdraising Auction   

Texas Bluebird Society Bluebird Symposium promotes the conservation of bluebirds and teaches the public how to attract and provide quality habitat for bluebirds across Texas. Guest speakers will cover topics that bluebirders, new and experienced, will find interesting and entertaining. Registrants have the opportunity to win door prizes and attendees can bid in our silent auction for many wonderful items. Additionally, members who pledge to NestWatch at least two nestboxes will receive a FREE TBS nestbox.

booths audience

Preliminary 2019 Symposium Schedule

2019 Featured Presenter - Keith Kridler

Special Guest - Kevin Corwin,
North American Bluebird Society

Other Sessions With
Errol Candy, NestWatch with Wildlife Tax Valuation

Carol Clark, Planting for Bluebird Success

Jesse Huth, Birding in Texas

Nestbox Building Workshop (additional fee)

Plus: Bluebird Basics, House Sparrow Control and Much More!

Our FUNdraising Auction allows attendees to bid on items donated by Texas Bluebird Society members and supporters. Each year many beautiful, handy, and fun items have been donated to this good cause. All funds raised by the auction are used to purchase materials to build TBS bluebird nestboxes!

auction auction

Click here to view some of the 2019 Silent Auction Items.

Friday Evening Social

Friday, August 2
[ Note: For Pre-registered attendees only - registration for Friday evening events is now closed. ]
Social 6:00 pm
Dinner 6:30 pm

On Friday evening, we get together for a social time with old and new friends to have dinner, hear an interesting program, and get the first look at the Silent Auction. This year the program will be Carol Clark's "Monarch Waystations".

$18.00 Sign up when you register.

Date and Time

Preliminary 2019 Symposium Schedule

Friday Evening Social, August 2, 2019

Photo by Carol Clark
Photo by Carol Clark

6:00 pm - Social (Drinks available for purchase, No BYOB, State Law)
Silent Auction FUNdraiser Opens

6:30 pm - Fajita Dinner
After dinner, Carol Clark's Presentation, "Monarch Waystations"

2019 Bluebird Symposium, Saturday, August 3

9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Doors open at 8:30 am for registration and the Silent Auction FUNdraiser


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Event Stations

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Midlothian Conference Center - 1 Community Circle Drive, Midlothian, TX 76065  

Convention Center Layout

Friday Evening Social   

August 2, 2019

Join us Friday evening
Get your first look at our Silent Auction FUNdraiser
Enjoy Carol Clark's timely look at "Monarch Waystations"

Midlothian Conference Center
1 Community Circle Drive, Midlothian, TX, 76065  

Photo by Judi Elliott
Photo by Judi Elliott

6:00 pm Social (Drinks available for purchase, No BYOB, State Law)

Silent Auction FUNdraiser Opens

6:30 pm Fajita Dinner

$18.00 - sign up when you register for the Symposium

Reservation Deadline: July 20, 2019

Presentations and Speakers

PDFs of all presentations may be found here

KridlerKeith Kridler - Featured Presenter

Ohio native but Texan by choice, Keith is a life-long bird lover and bluebird enthusiast. Since 1979, Keith and his wife, Sandy, have fledged upwards of 1200 bluebirds a year on trails around Mt. Pleasant, and they have donated thousands of nesting boxes over the years to youth groups and landowners.

Keith is co-founder of Texas Bluebird Society, co-author for Cornell University's The Bluebird Monitor's Guide, a charter Member of the North American Bluebird Society (NABS) formed in 1978, and serves on the NABS Speakers Bureau and Board of Directors.

Keith's interests are not limited to bluebirds, however. He grows over 1,000 named varieties of daffodils and has more than a million daffodils growing on his land. He is currently the President of the Texas Daffodil Society and is an instructor for American Daffodil Society Judges. He was a member of the inaugural class of the Cypress Basin Texas Master Gardeners (TMG) in 1998 and is now an instructor for TMG classes and groups. He is the current President of the Lake Country Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas.



CorwinSpecial Guest - Kevin Corwin, North American Bluebird Society (NABS)

Kevin Corwin is a retired computer scientist who lives in Centennial, a suburb of Denver, Colorado. He became involved with bluebirds in 2003 when he helped establish the Colorado Bluebird Project under the auspices of the Audubon Society of Greater Denver and made it a NABS affiliate. He also participates in monitoring a trail of 44 nestboxes. He is a volunteer Naturalist at a state park, a Senior Docent with the Raptor Education Foundation, and a participant in the North American Breeding Bird Survey.

Kevin is our Regional Representative on the Board of North American Bluebird Society. Texas Bluebird Society is an affiliate of NABS.



Carol Clark

Carol Clark - Monarch Waystations and Planting for Bluebird Success

Carol grew up with a nature photographer father and a wildlife artist brother, traveling the country and visiting national and state parks every summer. She credits her father with instilling a love of birds and wildlife in her. Her mother was mostly worried about the bears.

Carol is a Monarch Watch Conservation Specialist and enjoys speaking to the public and sharing her love for native plants, prairies, bluebirds, Monarchs, and native bees. She is the immediate past President of the Collin County Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas. She says that taking nature walks with good company is her favorite thing to do.

Carol and her husband, Richard, are owners of Clark Haven Farm and Wildlife Refuge. They are both Texas Master Naturalists with the Blackland Prairie Chapter in Collin County. She has a small wildflower seed business but spends most of her working hours as a private math and science tutor in Allen, Texas, where she lives with her family.



Errol Candy

Errol J. Candy, MD - NestWatch With Wildlife Tax Valuation

Errol is a retired neuroradiologist who moved to the Texas Hill Country, an environment somewhat similar to Zimbabwe, Africa, where he was born and raised. He and his Texan wife, Susan, converted their 175 acre property to a Wildlife Management Tax Appraisal in 2002. They donated a Conservation Easement on their property in 2008.

Errol is a novice birder and has monitored approximately 40 nestboxes for the past 10 years. He has participated in NestWatch since 2014. After research and with advice from other birders, Errol uses a system to protect nesting birds from pests and predators.

He is a lifelong motorcycle rider, and he participates in triathlon training and competition.




Jesse Huth - Birding in Texas

Jesse's interest in wild bird identification began at age six with daily before-school trips to the porch of a neighboring birder who taught him to observe silhouettes and field marks. Jesse joined the Wimberly Birding Society where he was taken under the capable wings of the membership for a lifetime of mentoring.

Inspired to become a world class birder after meeting Victor Emanuel, Jesse has participated in birding at High Island with Sandy Komito. Since 2001 his team, the TAS Towhees, competes in The Great Texas Birding Classic. He hopes to do a Big Year.

He designed and directed the building of a walk-in bird blind as his Eagle Scout project at the Patsy Glen Refuge in Wimberly. He founded the TAMU Birding Society at Texas A&M where, in 2015, he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Master's Degree in Poultry Welfare and Behavior. He now guides tours for the Partnership In International Birding.

In addition to avian pursuits, Jesse also enjoys ham radio, advanced Krav Maga, fly fishing, fly tying and amateur astrology. And, yes, he LOVES chickens!


Dee Myers

Dee Myers - Nestbox Building Workshop

Dee oversees the Nestbox Certification Program for TBS. Needless to say, Dee knows her way around a woodworking shop and has a few tips and tricks to help you assemble your own Nestbox. She also loves quilting and sewing.

  • Nestbox Building Workshop is an additional $15 charge (If possible, bring your own battery operated screwdriver.)
  • Precut nestbox pieces ready to assemble
  • Step by step instructions for the how and why of "Texas style" features
  • Take home nestbox ready to install for next nesting season

Other Topics

  • Bluebird Basics
  • NestWatch
  • House Sparrow Control
  • Etc.

Door Prizes

Click here to see some door prizes for the 2019 Summer Symposium

Texas Bluebird Society offers Door Prizes (donated by each Board Member) to encourage early registration.
Door prize chances are only available to early registrants. There is no opportunity to bid on these items at the event.


Extra Early Bird Advance Registration: $25.00 - Box Lunch and 20 Door Prize tickets - Deadline: June 3

Early Bird Advance Registration: $25.00 - Box Lunch and 10 Door Prize tickets - Deadline: July 3

2 -Week Advance Registration: $25.00 - Box Lunch and 5 Door Prize tickets - Deadline: July 20

At the Door Registration: $15.00 - NO Lunch and NO Door Prize tickets

2019 FUNdraising Auction

Click here to view some of the 2019 Silent Auction Items.

Silent Auction

Our annual fundraiser allows attendees to bid on a variety of items, donated by board members, members, registrants, and other supporters.

Every dollar raised, through this auction, goes toward buying TBS-Friendly Lumber for our Certified Nestbox Builders to build nestboxes!

As soon as possible, please send donations (or notification of donations that will be hand-carried to the event) to:

Ken and Judy Ray
(972) 217-1516
143 Meadow Glen Lane
Ovilla, TX 75154

With shipment or email, please include contact information with street address and approximate retail value.

Donations (or notifications of donations) received after July 3, 2019 must be processed manually - one by one - and will miss the program publication deadline.

TBS is recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 "charitable" organization. Donations are tax deductible, as allowed by law.


For More Information

Email: eventplans@texasbluebirdsociety.org


Pauline Tom (512) 268-5678

Lonnie Castleman (936) 439-7114